The Awakened in Mexico

In order to define Mexico one must first have in mind it was invaded a few centuries ago mostly by the Spaniards, meaning many secrets were either stolen or lost, or so it would seem.

As time has passed the temples the conquerors raised to their gods have deteriorated, while they still stand stones have crumbled and deteriorated, only to reveal the hidden faces of those rocks were engraved with symbols to worship the native gods, so when the conquered were forced into the churches they were only pretending to praise the new gods but in reality they were keeping alive, yet hidden, their old gods.

Such is the nature of Mexico, elusive, mysterious and hidden in plain sight. While most cities present a particular phenomena, like the library in Salamanca or the Ansho in Tokyo,  Mexico City remains vague and ambigous, still elusive to the mages yet constantly present. In other words phenomena in the capital of Mexico is so varied, all attempts to find a pattern have, at some point failed. In a sense not much is known that wasn't known to the cities before the conquer, meaning the Stars, the phase of the Moon seem closely tied to the strange occurrences an awakened might find.

At first this was mostly discouraging for the scholars and for some time the city lacked importance in the circles of the mages, that was at least until a few months before the Earthquake of 1985, back then the Awakened sighted the shadow of a large winged serpent flying over the city. Those that followed the trail claim to have been witnesses of the largest verge ever sighted, unveiling a whole city. Sadly the event lasted only a couple hours, leaving mages little time to decipher the enigmas that kept them from breaching inside the hidden city.

From then awakened all over the world have taken interest in the city, studying the symbols gathered during the event and comparing them to those found in the Aztec and Mayan ruins in Mexico. While every order has it's own pieces of information and thus conclusions, most seem to agree that those before knew of this phenomena and also looked for a way through. 

The Awakened in Mexico

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