Kit Kat



Kit, Kat or Kathy

A regular girl around 13 if not 14, the kind that tries to be nice and smile to everyone, she is enthusiastic and cheerful.
Well versed in the social skills as well as larceny and stealth, she is the vocalist of a small band that performs mostly on private events.
Adept at the art of selling information she makes use of the internet as a trade hub, using her social skills to infiltrate circles that prove useful.



Katherine Croÿ
I was seven when a car crash took both my parents, I was in the car as well, I spent the next months in the hospital. Later I would come back and forth as more complications showed up.
My brother, older by almost six years, was out with the school that night so he was unharmed, yet from that day he would never leave me alone.
From then on we lived with uncle Maxime and his wife Margaret, who really didn’t care about us, I sometimes think she even hated us.
Uncle Max was always busy running the family business, a mix of fashion and entertainment services meant for the royal and very rich families of europe, it was his connections with important people that allowed me to have the best doctors money could pay.
Still for some time me and my brother were happy as we got to live together, I would always cook for him whenever I was at home and he would always cook for me when I was at the hospital.
Though we were happy my condition was worsening, several of my organs did not work correctly since the accident, I was admitted on my twelfth birthday and I never left after that, not alive.
After struggling for some months the doctors were unable to stabilize me, so I fell asleep. From time to time I would still listen to doctors talking about my worsening condition, uncle Max saying anything it would cost and the most sad, my brother crying. I believe I turned thirteen while sleeping, to tell the truth I’m not sure. I do know though my brother stood at my side until the very last moment, when I died.

Darkness and silence followed my death, so deep I felt it would be eternal. The next night I woke up, to the panicked face of the forensics probably ready to open my body, still holding my hand was my brother, he wasn’t panicked though, he was astonished yes but overall he was happy. Later I found he refused to leave me even after the interment. Being the tradition of the family I would be buried in the mausoleum, near my parents, that’s what saved me from having all my organs removed, though it didn’t save the doctors from going nearly crazy as I asked them where was I. Strange enough I felt nothing for them, actually I felt cold and sort of indifferent. Brother on the other hand just hugged me, it was not until I felt his warmth and his relief that I started crying.

I was taken to a safe place, I’m not sure if it was my uncle’s doing but doctors and everything got taken care off, however I didn’t have a chance to ask him. Before I could realize what was going on I set out in a night flight with my brother, we arrived at Mexico the next night.

We were received by Jenaro Tilo, he too was a Vampire and he owned a ranch far away from the city where he took the time to teach me all I needed to know about being a kindred and how to survive.
With time we both learned spanish and soon we were moving on our own, well my brother first as I had to undergo some training to try get my body look more healthy, as I looked just as I was at the moment of my death, mind you after being for almost one year straight in the hospital, I didn’t really look much alive.

I met remarkable people there, one I really liked was Julio Perez, he was Jenaro’s right hand and a ghoul, he knew how to deal with everything from horses to thugs and even businessmen. When my brother wasn’t around he would always protect me, not to mention he showed me a thing or two about knowing people better. We would spend entire nights watching the sky just talking about what it meant to be immortal and how it changed us, that is when I was not training of course.

One of my best friends was Flavio and Lucila, a married couple around their forties who were constantly going back and forth to Mexico City. He was once a popular singer and she had dancing school. They allowed me to take lessons from them and I loved it, I think that was the first moment I felt alive. They were regular humans so they never knew about my true identity, matter of fact they would always offer me hot chocolate. They were the ones that gave me the idea to find a band to become their vocalist when they heard me sing. Lucila had a problem in her matrix so she was unable to have kids, I guess that’s why they always were so nice to me.
At first it caused me conflict, I was actually close to be fifteen now and I didn’t want to be treated like a kid anymore but Jenaro insisted I have to accept myself as I am and learn to get the best out of it, and I know for them it was better to see that side of me.

Finally, through Jenaro’s connection I made one more friend, well to be honest it was through gaming, I think I’m becoming addicted to video games, in any case I play online with Gabriel or Gab1n4T0r who, despite being in his mid twenties, is a very good hacker. I plan on visiting him as soon as I go to Mexico City.


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