Young and nerdy mage


“It is the attitude towards failure what defines you.”

Relentless is perhaps the word that better describes this young mage, she is well known as she was first tracked by Guardians of the Veil a few years ago during her awakening where she got lost in the labyrinth, failing to awaken.
Marked by the scrambled memories of the labyrinth she left London, moving to Mexico in search of answers, where certain member of the Silver Ladder guided her to a second awakening, one that proved successful.


Though there is no record single record or evidence, she claims to have a sister who disappeared at the very moment of her first awakening, she has made this search her personal quest if not obsession. At some point the Consilium granted her audience, providing the support of experienced Mages who aided in the search, however they concluded it was just a vision or misinterpretation of the symbols and mysteries in the labyrinth. As a result she has lost credibility despite her talent, sadly most Mages that go through similar experiences usually destroy themselves trying to prove being right, while a the rest end up being Banishers or joining the ranks of the Seers.


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