Whispers in the Dark

Whispers in the Dark
The beginning

After "escaping death" David Santillan found himself alone and with no one to trust, he knew well he held not the power to bring to justice those in the Church that were involved so he did what he was taught to do, survive.
David hid while he got used to his symbiosis, he was now a Geist and it would take him some time to get used to it and more importantly, to take advantage of it.

Meanwhile in Michoacan, Santiago Saramago, later known as Sasa, has just returned from a journey different to all others, while venturing deep into the forest he had awakened to the Realms. Acting as his guide or perhaps even mentor Miztli has introduced him to the ways of life of the awakened and has now tasked him to travel to Mexico City to find out more about the orders and pick one to join himself, he is to find Ananke and have her guide him.

Upon his arrival to the capital, Ananke, best known as Annie, is awaiting for Sasa. She explains how she follows the threads of Fate which led her to him and tells him about her quest to find her lost sister. Though Sasa knows Annie's background for making up the story about her sister and having a dubious background he agrees to help her.

Following Annie's trail is Ezreal, or at least that is how he calls himself, without a Cabal of his own the young mage considers the option of forming one with the Mastigos girl (Annie) and the Thyrsus guy (Sasa) so he decides to introduce himself to Sasa, given Annie already knows him.

At the same time, just crossing the street David follows the trail of a local exorcist known as Sebastian, intrigued by the methods this man follows and the possible relationship to his Geist he talks his way inside Sebastian's house, where he discovers the old man does have a sense for Ghosts but his methods lack practice as not all the anchors have been successfully ridden of their respective hosts. In an attempt to learn more of the man he launches a spell that somehow resonates with Sebastian's self consciousness, there he witnesses the Awakening of a Mage as Sebastian visits the Tower of Moros.


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